Whonix documentation offline reading

while we can browse whonix documentation inside whonix-workstation or inside the host or …etc. but the question is how can we browse the documentation inside whonix-gateway ? like if someone want to copy paste the commands (because they r 2 long to type) or there is no host nor workstation just the gateway; so i was thinking why dont we save whonix documentation as an offline wiki inside the gateway and it can be updated by apt-get dist upgrade or with each new whonix version 12 13 14 …etc or the updates going to be manually by the reader (if he can).

i donno if its possible to do this step , but i find useful. also i donno any programs doing this or how to or is it easy or not …etc so if anyone can shine my knowledge with this i will be thankful.also i would like to hear ur suggestions about how to view the documentation inside the GW if the offline documentation or wiki is a bad idea.

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