Whonix DNS Questions

Hello all,
I am using a tester version of whonix ( making use of the VPN-firewall functionality to safely chain a VPN through whonix-gateway.
My setup is as follows: host → whonix vm → ssl tunnel (stunnel4) → vpn → tor

On my host have a configured dns settings to use a public dns. When i run a dns leak test on whonix-workstation (such as ipleak.net), the public dns’ servers show up in the results. How is this explained? Is this a leak? is unsupported. Upgrade to 9.x.

VPN-Firewall functionality is included in 9.x as well.

I don’t understand that setup. Please use non-ambiguous terms and notations as in the wiki and describe it more verbosely.

See also VPN/tunnel documentation:

One guess would be that some Tor exit relays use the same public DNS server as you on the host. Happens. I found a few Tor exit’s using OpenDNS.

See also:

My vpn supports the use of an ssl tunnel to connect to vpn servers. I have included the use of that functionality in my setup. This is accomplished using stunnel.

I will try some of those tests and if there are more concerns I will update. Thank you