Whonix DispVM Anti-Forensics

Does the Whonix DispVM have anti-forensics features?

You can literally copy/paste that question into Google, duckduckgo and get the answer.

The search engine says Kicksecure has a “live mode” but is this the same as a disposable VM?

Do you have to configure the Whonix VM in a certain way to access live mode?


Also says it’s for Kicksecure only. Not for Kicksecure for Qubes.


Detailed usage instructions in the wiki.

Is there a TailsOS template for QubesOS?

No. If there was. Guess what. Search engines would know.

There is no script to morph into TailsOS from debian?


Btw this isn’t a Tails forum.

Also Tails in a VM doesn’t give you anti-forensics. That’s a dead end.

Anti-forensics is a (missing) host feature. Not a guest OS feature.

What metadata needs to be scrubbed for anti-forensics?

I don’t understand what you want to accomplish here with these questions.

There are a number of highly complex and long tickets on the Qubes issue tracker.

If you care about the details then read. If not just accept the feature doesn’t exist.

Nobody here will write a summary for you. Do you think if you had this list you would be able to have amnesic Qubes? No. Much too difficult if lazy or no time.

You keep asking here about stuff already discussed in other places in detail shows me that you’re either lazy, lack the technical skills or don’t have enough time. This is the perfect combination to follow weird advice from some forum, try you have amnesic Qubes now but actuality not amnesic.

This is a Qubes issue. This is mostly off-topic here. As per: What to post in this Qubes-Whonix forum and what not.

Qubes-Whonix is only a VMs running on top of Qubes. It conceptually cannot implement a Qubes host operating system anti-forensics feature. Only Qubes developers can add anti-forensics features to Qubes.

On Qubes Disposables wiki page, chapter Warnings, under Amnesic Capability, I just nowe added an updated footnote with ~ 15 references to various Qubes tickets, discussion, documentation.

This is unspecific to Whonix.