whonix default password (changeme) impact

What are security impact of not changing whonix default password ?
Is this is only matters when attacker gets inside my whonix vms and wants to privilege escalate ?
In other words whonix passwords only effect “local security”, not security from remote perspective ? There is no “login panel” where attacker can login to my whonix over internet ?

After i installed whonix i was using it with default password for few hours. Should i be worry that in that time attacker got in my system with default password ?

This part is for sure: Such as thing certainly does not exist. On the contrary, allowing Remote Administration - Whonix isn’t trivial and doesn’t happen by accident.

No, that’s not how attacks work.

Unless remote administration is setup with password based authentication, it indeed should be affected local security only, not remote security.

Big write-up here, Conclusion chapter updated just now:

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