Whonix + debian testing

Is whonix compatible with debian testing?
Tried to upgrade whonix cli gateway to testing and encountered an error:

Untested at this point.

When should you expect progress on my issue?
Why doesn’t whonix use debian testing?

This isn’t an issue, this is untested.
Whonix is based on Debian stable and as far as I know there is no plan to change that.
Why would you want to use Debian testing?

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Why is Whonix ™ based on Debian Stable, not Debian Testing?

I don’t think it’s a good idea to expect progress.

This is a kernel issue. I may or may not be able to reproduce it. Whonix doesn’t produce the kernel. The bug could either be in the kernel source code or virtualizer source code. Could also be hardware specific. I recommend to sort out as per:
Self Support First Policy for Whonix

Whonix will probably be ported to the next stable release of Debian which that next stable release of Debian comes closer to release date. I.e. during Debian testing soft freeze and/or hard freeze development cycle.

Because there are newer versions of the software that I need.
Of course, I can compile from the source code, but I don’t have the time to act as a maintainer.

Feel free to try apt pinning or use backported versions (at your own risk because mixed version systems can unexpectedly break or become unstable.)

Maybe backports are available?

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