Whonix crashes Host OS

Whenever i am booting Whonix Workstation in Virtualbox it is going to crash my Windows10 Host OS completely. Somehow it seems it causes the Nivida drivers to crash… (3D Acceleration in Whonix is disabled). Then i becomes neccessary to do a hard reset.

But it does NOT happen when i boot Whonix with a standard Xubuntu CD Image. Then everything runs fine. So it is obvious that something inside Whonix is potentially affecting the Host OS and leading to a crash. In my opinion this may be security relevant cause code inside the VM should never be able to affect any code that is running outside of the VM at Host level.

Here are the Virtualbox log files and Screenshots: anonfiles(dot)com/VcieXc10pc/1_zip

It is a virtualizer (and/or possibly also host operating system) bug.

Whonix ™ provides VM images that operate inside of the VM. Whatever occurs inside a VM should never lead to a crash (status aborted) of the host virtualization software, VirtualBox.

Therefore cannot be fixed in Whonix.

Please refer to this chapter:


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