Whonix causes LAN instability


when ever I use Qubes-Whonix my home network becomes very unstable. All connected devices frequently drop out. I presume my router is crashing. Unfortuntely it’s an ISP provided router and debug capability is very limited.

Has this happened to anyone else? This has persisted multiple OS reinstalls and I keep Qubes-Whonix at default settings. I am out of ideas and would appreciate your assistance.

Whonix only produces Tor traffic.

It would be pretty difficult for me to add something in Whonix to deliberately cause issues in LAN. Even if I wanted to do such a crazy thing. Therefore I don’t think I can be of any help here. Whonix doesn’t even produce huge amounts of traffic or high system load. So hard to think of anything which could cause the issues you’re describing.

The same issue you’re experiencing would probably happen if using the Tor Browser Bundle by The Tor Project from torproject.org.

Please see:

This is most likely unspecific to Whonix.

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