Whonix Bad Signature verification

Every time I try to verify signature I get a bad signature. I get this on both Gateway and Workstation. I know i am doing something wrong, but I would really appreciate your help. Thank you. This is what my line looks like.

gpg --verify-options show-notations --verify Whonix-Gateway-.ova.asc Whonix-Gateway-.ova
gpg: Signature made Mon 16 Nov 2015 10:36:59 AM EST using RSA key ID 77BB3C48
gpg: BAD signature from “Patrick Schleizer adrelanos@riseup.net

Try re-downloading the signature. And if that does not help, try
re-downloading the image. Then try again.

Thank You Patrick.
I have deleted both ova. and ova.asc files and the patrick.asc files and redownload. I am still having the same issue. I am downloading Whonix using Iceweasel on Kali Linux. I will try a complete format and total reinstall to see if that will help. Thank you for your help.


complete format and total reinstall

I don’t think this is useful. Unless the operating system causes some
really strange bug, that downloaded files contain errors.