Whonix as Gateway/Firewall

I am looking for an official whonix-gateway (firewall) download from the whonix site. Let’s say for instance, I want to install it on Raspberry PI, route traffic to it from other devices, kind of like pfsense.

I keep seeing forums and posts about download “the whonix gateway” or “whonix-gateway”, but not finding any downloads specifically for that anywhere. This lends me to believe these are altered, custom VMs not from the whonix site.

There are instructions for “THE” whonix-gateway on the web that discuss using virtualbox. I also have qubes-os, which comes with whonix and a bunch of apps for it, but nothing indicates that there is a gateway/firewall in those apps.


It would help you understand Whonix by doing it as most people are doing it. You go to the homepage, press download and follow instructions.

That’s a component of Whonix if you download it for a platform provided for download. If you follow instructions then it’s impossible to miss it. There is no separate download of “the” thing.

If you don’t find it mentioned on the project’s download page then it most likely doesn’t exist.

RPi has a forum thread but no more than that.

The closest thing is physical isolation.

Mmmkay, sounds like it is not a separate download. Try that next.

Not a separate download but can be used separtely.

Where are the Separate Gateway and Workstation Download Files?