whonix-appvm persistent updates

i was wondering if someone will make this scenario is safe:

updating Whonix-Appvm without turning it off + updating whonix templates.

so turning whonix-appvm off wouldnt be necessary unless a crush or any necessary thing to make it off. but not every time off/on once there are some few updates from time to time = is that similar on the results?

Note: its not standalone , but im using the appvm similarly as standalone in the persistency part.

Similar yes but the devil is in the detail, namely restart of services and kernel upgrades.

On page https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Operating_System_Software_and_Updates relevant points:

  • 6. Restart Services After Upgrading

To restart services after upgrading, either simply reboot.

sudo reboot

Or to omit rebooting, use the needrestart method (harder). For users interested in the latter method, please click on Expand on the right side.

More details. needrestart may be incomplete? Some services cannot be restarted without reboot?

  • 7. Restart After Kernel Upgrades

So quite complex. In doubt the easiest advice is to reboot AppVM after its TemplateVM was shut down.

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