Whonix applying for funding in progress

Due to a bigger and anonymous and a few other donations, I will be able to work full time on Whonix for the next few months. After that, Whonix needs funding or I wlll have to make money in free economy and progress on Whonix will slow down. To maintain long term sustainability of Whonix, there is need for funding.

Whonix is going to apply at Open Technology Fund (https://www.opentechfund.org/) (OTF as nonofficial acronym here) for funding. That would allow the Whonix project to hire people to work full time on Whonix, so we can push security and usability of Whonix forward.

This is still in a very early stage, since we have not formally opened discussions with OTF yet.

Please learn about OTF.

See what projects they are sponsoring:

Tim Schwartz (http://www.timschwartz.org/) knows people at OTF and advises what kind of features can get OTF interested.

Our proposal can be found here, it still is in an early stage:

Please comment on what kind of improvements you would like us to apply for which we would then get a chance to work on during the next 12 months.