Whonix + android x86 Enviroment help needed

Hello and Thanks for the amazing software !

I’m trying to use My Whonix VM and my Android x86 VM (attached to internal network) to communicate with each other but when I try to set my static IP in the android emulator terminal it tells me the interface (eth0) does not exist. I tried adding the Static IP and mask to other interfaces like wlan_eth on both x86 nougat and a more reason version of the emulator but can’t get it to work.

Please point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to Whonix forums! :slight_smile:

I am not using Android x86. But the problem you’re having isn’t much Whonix related. Therefore you could try to sort it out as per https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle.

Another alternative maybe:

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Help yourself:

Here’s how to connect to the internet with Android. Once you do that it shold be possible to communicate between it and WS on the internal network

I need an additional proxy dedicated for the apps. Is that possible ?

Yeah I know dude like I said when I assign a static IP to the eth0 int it just says that the int doesn’t exist.

In that case I recommend going down the DHCP route. Once you have it setup Android will never ask you for address config.

User → Tor → proxy → Internet? In a leak free (proxy always used) way? In theory, yes. By wretching a ProxyBOX between the AndroidVM and Whonix-Gateway.

Concept in theory:


In practice: Unsupported.

See also:

You could also use android proxy settings - but if these will really use the proxy for everything or not - I haven’t checked. If I seriously needed this and wanted it to be leak-free (reasonably certain the proxy will be used), I’d create a

Is there any interface showing up at all? Maybe a driver issue, so try changing the adapter of the VM to virtio,e1000,rtl* depending on what is currently in use.
Normal Android does not support each ethernet device out of the box, probably also true for the x86 version?

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Patrick, thanks anyway but I completely dropped the idea of using Anbox.
I tried using a couple of apps I need and neither worked.

Thanks going to try this now.
The interfaces I do have are:
1: Loopback
2: sit0@NONE

I tried setting a static IP to wifi_eth and wlan0 but couldnt get a connection.

Patric can I use this guys DHCP setup ?
forums.whonix .org/t/solved-using-an-alternative-os-android-dhcp/163/6

Would those IP settings work for my standard Whonix configuration ?
(I do not care about possible attack vectors on the DHCP deamon)

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