Whonix and windows 7

I am using vm and would like to connect windows 7 with whonix. This will allow me to use windows more securely if im correct?

I have followed this: Anonymize Other Operating Systems

From what i understood, this is all i had to do:

For Windows 7 (similar in Windows XP): In Control Panel → Network and Sharing Center: click on “Change adapter settings” Right-click on local area connection > properties In property window: double-click Internet Protocol Version 4, use the following settings:

increment last octet of IP address on additional workstations

IP address
Subnet netmask
Default gateway
Preferred DNS server

…I have done this and now, have no internet connection on the windows vm.

What am i doing wrong?


More anonymously. Can be more secure depending on threat model, but not necessarily more secure if you don’t know what it does. It’s no magic bullet. See Whonix ™ and Tor Limitations especially Whonix ™ and Tor Limitations.

Do you have Whonix-Gateway running? → Get it up.

Did you succeed with a usual Whonix setup using a default Whonix-Gateway and a default Whonix-Workstation? → Get that working first. It will reveal eventual underlying issues.

I have no problems when running the gateway and workstation together, internet works (connects to tor fine).

It works fine on wondows 7 showing the ip of the host. Then when i run whonix gateway with 128mb ram allocated (in console mode without gui) and use the network settings provided internet becomes limited. I have run checkwonix and everything seems fine.

Any ideas?


No, sorry.

maybe i should consider using a different ms os like xp or vista? Could you please direct to guide docs on using these with whonix? As i couldnt find them…


Worth a try. Also worth trying something like plain Debian or so.

Usually these guides are the same for any operating system. Just get the network settings in done and it should work.