Whonix 9.4 Maintenance Release - Testers wanted!




Changelog between 9.3 and 9.4:

– tb-updater: fixed remote download location to cope up with The Tor Project’s changes – https://github.com/Whonix/Whonix/issues/366

– build script: updated frozen repository

– build script: use specific codename (wheezy) rather than generic code name (stable) as per “build script broken because of using grml-debootstrap with –release stable” – https://github.com/Whonix/Whonix/issues/368


Whonix-Workstation-9.4.ova doesn’t download properly. If I right-click and select “save as” then I get a file of a couple of hundred bytes. All the other files download OK. I’m download it over tor, but I can’t see why only that file should be a problem.

Thanks. Maybe not all mirrors have updated yet. Should fix itself within 24 hours.

The ova files install and run without errors, up to and including running the tor browser. That’s on a jessie host, virtualbox, and selecting “Whonix stable” during the Whonix setup.

Any further tests that you would like me to do?

The KVM files import successfully but give the same error as before: “ACPI S3 not supported.” On that front I’ll just wait for the next KVM update.


Any further tests that you would like me to do?
If every tester does that what one usually would do, we'd cover all the major cases.

In reality very few people do testing. Most bug reports come in when blessed “stable”.

Yeah, well, there is quite some stuff one can test:

Perhaps I should mention that link next time when a call for testing is being posted.

Unfortunately, we don’t have better instructions on what, how to test and we also have not yet someone working on an automated test suite. (whonixcheck looks for major stuff, but still.)

The KVM files import successfully but give the same error as before: "ACPI S3 not supported." On that front I'll just wait for the next KVM update.
Reference: https://www.whonix.org/forum/index.php/topic,690.0.html (As per changelog, that issue was not fixed in this maintenance release.)

*Other than the problems to be fixed in the next major release all looks good.

*Whonixcheck was finicky. First time I ran it Tor boot strap failed. Second time whonix news didn’t work - said it didn’t find the file. Third time it went through the process fine.

*I want to do testing for Whonix releases both point and major. Please write the features you want tested in a forum sticky topic as guideline for me and others interested.


i would love to beta test 9.4 i have been using whonix since first release. great stuff.


Most like the 60 seconds timeout was reached. Also experienced this once. I am wondering if it should be increased to let’s say 90 seconds?

Second time whonix news didn't work - said it didn't find the file.
That is: https://phabricator.whonix.org/T54

There is not great documentation for that yet.

whonixcheck --verbose


Do the stuff you would usually do.

Some of the stuff on these pages is done by whonixcheck. I wonder if it’s useful the tests that whonixcheck does manually. Only usefulness would be in case of whonixcheck bugs.