Whonix 17 Session-desktop install gpg error

Hi. I have a problem. I didn’t have it in qubes 4.1 whonix 16. it appeared after switching to qubes 4.2 whonix 17. When I try to install session messenger according to this method - Use Session Session Private Messenger Chat with Kicksecure ™ when sudo apt update was entered, an error appears gpg (see the picture). Now every time I type sudo apt update this error appears and I cannot install session-messenger or update these packages. I am asking for help. Thank you in advance for your willingness

Not Whonix issue.

If you have a problem with a third-party repository contact them.


Do I understand correctly that the problem is that there is no public key in the Debian bookworm repository that is required for installation? And should I write to the debian bookworm about this?

Your problem is with Session not Debian not Whonix.