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Whonix 16 and Apparmor - Error


I installed Whonix 16 on Qubes 4.0.3 and then installed Apparmor following the instructions on whonix.org.

After running sudo aa-status I had out of 49 loaded profiles only 27 in enforce mode, against 22 in complain mode.
The command sudo aa-enforce /etc/apparmor.d/* gave the following error message:

ERROR: Include file /etc/apparmor.d/local/usr.lib.systemcheck.canary not found

This problem did not exist with whonix-15. What is the reason for this?

Thanks for answering.

Fixed in future by upgrades. Meanwhile to fix:

sudo touch /etc/apparmor.d/local/usr.lib.systemcheck.canary

Migration from lib to libexec as per FHS and this one forgotten to update:

Oh okay, thank you, I´ll try this. If there is something special, I´ll write again.

Update: I added the line you wrote above and all installed profiles in ws-16 and gw-16 were correctly set to Enforce-mode.