Whonix terminal only on boot

I just did a fresh install of Whonix for KVM following the steps on the website. When I first boot the gateway it goes through a console setup for tor. I finished the setup and then rebooted the virtual machine. Starting it up again only brings me back to the terminal login. There is no desktop loaded even after logging in at the terminal.

What can I do?

Yeah, I noticed this too.

Depending on what display manager you selected to use, you need to start either gdm3 or lightdm.

service lightdm start

service gdm3 start

If you want it to start automatically then you’ll need to create a systemd service for it, but I would wait for the devs to address this and just start it manually in the meantime.

Thanks for the confirmation and the workaround. I was just worried it might mean something else was broken, but I was able to do what I needed from the command line.

In fact, I found out about whonix-gateway-cli and will be building that one in the near future.

Hi. Thanks for your feedback, I will release a working build soon.

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