Whonix 14 will be a rolling distribution

I am giving up trying to provide a stable and testers-only version.

Whonix 13 is too outdated now. Still on jessie.

I was trying to deliver a perfect Whonix 14 version, but this wish for perfection comes at a price that it takes too long. Upgraded package versions are currently of a much higher importance than minor outstanding bugs like “Connecting to Tor.”, “Connected to Tor.” passive popups no longer working in Whonix 14.

It’s too much maintenance burden to maintain a stable version for long. In effect, the testers-only Whonix 14 version is currently much safer than the stable Whonix 13 version which is not very well maintained (still on jessie, tb-updater package hardcoded version number not updates).

Instead, there will be more frequent updates to Whonix developers repository, testers repository, stable-proposed updates and stable repository.


Next time we change a major version number will probably be on Debian upgrades. Or when other major things changed.

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It’s possible but is it worthwhile to implement? I mean, would the gathering any number / any ratio lead to any action?

Yes, that should be easy.

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Should community members still use stable-proposed if they want to help out with development or testers repository?


I definitively depend on avant-garde, users being on testers or stable-proposed reposiotry. It’s the only way so stable can really stay stable.

Perhaps having some VMs using Whonix templates with stable repository and others using testers repository would help? We don’t have documentation for that yet. We can sort that out when Whonix 14 gets released.

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