whonix-14 various issues after new install


  1. I continue (as in who-13) to get tsc messages with sys-whonix-14
    WARNING: Check Kernel Messages Test Result: Remarkable kernel message
    found using dmesg.
    [ 5.623019] clocksource: timekeeping watchdog on CPU0: Marking
    clocksource ‘tsc’ as unstable because the skew is too large:

I had in whonix-14 this was “solved”, but doesn’t appear to be ; my Qubes system time is correct; I’m not sure what my Bios Time is ; Am I to do again in 14 , what was advised in 13 ; which was to manually tweak the settings to ignore the warning? I have been able to update

  1. Issue #2
    Moved to https://forums.whonix.org/t/sys-whonix-14-after-suspend-no-longer-has-a-circuit/5455

  2. Issue #3:
    Moved to http://whonix.org/t/i-can-t-get-sys-whonix-14-to-bootstrap-60/5457

Hi vts

These are all separate issues. Please create different support requests for each

  1. Keep this thread as is with Whonix-14 various issues…

  2. Create new thread for issue #2.

  1. Create new thread for issue #3.
  • First: Please search Whonix forums and internet for any error messages, pertinent log messages etc
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so, I should not expect any answer to my issues here ; I must create more threads?

I just did a search for “suspend” ; it really doesn’t pull up anything that is relevant to whonix-14


Only for issue #1


Create new thread for issue #2
Create new thread for issue #3

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