whonix 14 fresh install under kvm segmentation fault with kscreen

I’ve change my kvm vm of whonix 13 with those from 14. I’m under fedora workstation 28, didn’t change a thing at first with the video graphic card or spice.
When I changed the resolution to 1440*900 inside the vm then I got a segmentation fault at 10 from kscreen_backend. aan error in KSC_XRandR
Does anyone got an idea how to resolve that and/or how to reset the resolution from the console after a change?

I’ve already tried to purge the virtualbox extensions (since I’m using kvm and it was causing an error message at startup and done a total upgrade of the system.

It seems that upstream (KDE) has never resolved the screen resize problem in VMs. The unpopular but workable solution is to not try to change your resolution and put up with it as is.

okey and is there any resolution validated ? that we are sure it woks?

I will look but last time I checked the tciket progress just stalled. Would you care to ing them so at least it would get fixed eventually iand optimistically end up backported to the KDE stable branch and eventually trickle into a Stretch point release?

just give me the link and I will do the lobbying


Good man. I’m hunting down the link as we speak.


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I will do the rest. Thanks for the updated info :slight_smile:

The same bug and possible solution(?) reported here in this Ubuntu thread. See if anything helps and please report back.

the observation in your link:

However in the same app the displayed resolution I found to be incorrect, i.e. the app always showed the resolution to be 1024x768 when in fact the display was outputting differently. The actual display resolution was correct as per my setting but on reboot the Display Configuration app would not reflect the current value, I’ve screenshotted this below…

is correct, same behavior and seems important enough to be mentionned.

can you tell me maybe if this UI is using wayland or xorg?

Xorg no mention of Wayland

A bit of an improvement on the screen adjustment problem with Buster.

The good news: you can actually choose a resolution and have it resize after booting up without the guest freezing up.

Bad news: It forgets the setting the next time you start it up.

This is if ‘always’ resizing is on.

With resizing set to never, the screen remembers a larger resolution just doesn’t fit the hosts and you would need to scroll around the guest VM window to see the taskbar and window titles.