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Workstation KDE start menu is totally broken for a yet to be discovered reason. One can right click on sdwdate-gui, click open log, right click the in the console window, click “show menu bar”, and open a new terminal to investigate or otherwise play around.

Any pointers? I want to give this build a go but without knowing where to look it will be for nothing.

Is there a more recent package archive snapshot released we can rebase on?

Since it is broken on the workstation only, not on the gateway, it is
most likely caused by something that Whonix does. Newer packages from
Debian would probably not solve it.

kde start menu bug found and fixed.

There won’t be an apt-get dist-upgrade to fix this bug since these images are supposed to be trashed when the next image is out.

To manually fix it and to make the workstation work, run the following command.

sudo chown --recursive user:user /home/user

May also require to sudo service sddm stop, running from a virtual console rm -r .cache and sudo reboot.

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https://download.whonix.org/linux/ is out in separate threat. Locking.