Whonix no keepassx?

Sorry, but I can’t find the original thread where @Patrick was looking for testers for Well I am testing it and I’ve noticed keepassx is no longer installed by default in the workstation.

Was keepassx removed intentionally? Security related?

Package fpm2 is installed by default.

The rationale behind this change is archived in the wiki which also links to a forum post that discusses why we did this:

I did see that page, and the forum post. I just thought it was strange that the discussion ended on April 2014, but the change is just now being made. Especially since there’s new activity on KeePassX as of September 2015: Index of /news/2015/09/514.

Furthermore, the bug report you mentioned there has been closed by debian since KeePassX 2.0~beta1-1 is in experimental repo now: Debian -- Error.