Whonix 11: testers repository broken

Please do not use the testers repository when you switched to Whonix 11.

It still contains packages for Debian wheezy. But Whonix 11 is based on Debian jessie.

Upgrading these packages from wheezy → jessie would break existing testers installations. Because if it happens unexpected, those would not go through the special instructions required for Whonix 10 → 11 upgrades. (Release Upgrade - Whonix)

I am not sure yet how to solve this. Either we start providing a jessie-testing repository, which would require being manually added to /etc/apt/souces.list.d/whonix.list [or so]. Or:
whonix_repository --enable --codename jessie-testing

Or we break the normal testers repository after 1 month.

Related, issue “stable-fixes-testers repository required”:
The “stable-fixes-testers” repository (probably gets a different name) is different from the testers repository.

I’ll break the testers repository for Whonix 10. Repurposing it for users of Whonix 11. Containing Whonix 12ish packages as well as slightly updated apparmor profiles.

Done. Testers repository now can be used by Whonix 11 users.

Hi Patrick, so this means we should use testers repository instead of stable for the latest versions of AppArmor?

Also, for other things e.g whonixcheck, timsync etc.etc. we should stick to stable repository or does testers have the latest versions?

thank youu

It depends. For AppArmor -> testers. For other stuff -> up to you. Mostly you want to stick with stable unless you care to set up a test system.