Whonix 10 workstation system freeze (stuck)

i have installed wine (which gives C: environment) , and i have firstly installed Pidgin and all works fine but after i have installed skype , the system stuck without any movement and it didnt resolved itself (because i have waited but nothing changed).

this is an image showing u how the screen kept like this:-

First freeze report ever. :frowning:

Unless you can explain how to reliably reproduce this on various systems, this will be very difficult to diagnose and fix. This can be anything. Host operating system issues, host hardware issues, virtualizer bugs, linux bugs, application bugs. Most likely not anything that Whonix does causes this. So you’re best off trying to reproduce, report and fix this using a plain Debian wheezy VM as per:

If you are lucky, it’s application bugs and by avoiding these selections you can avoid the freeze.

There is no need to use Wine for Pidgin:

Skype “is evil”:

yes all what u have said i cant deny any of it because i dont know what the exact reason of this freeze. so yes i know i can avoid this by not using this way , but i just want to inform u that this is happened and hope u find out which one of these caused the crush (now or later if further reports appeared).

and lol yeah , i mentioned whonix 10 very smoothy and fast but i also got surprised when that happened 2; i even waited to c if its going to resolve itself by time but sadly it didnt. so thats why i thought i should report this for further investigations and also if anyone happened to him, then he should know what to do.

(sorry if this report hurt u :-X )

Yes, every report helps. As they accumulate, someone might figure out what’s going on.

another freeze appeared , i have installed pidgin (with apt-get install pidgin). and i have opened the forum to check one of my images link, so i was running HTTPS everywhere with “block all http requests” the postimag is not an https website, so i went to HTTPS everywhere to free the “block all http requests” but when i pressed on the HTTPS everywhere icon the system freezed.

i know this might also not help to identify the problem directly , but how can i help in this to make it identifiable?

should i install multiple workstations and try that on them to c if its going to appear or not ?

also is there any terminal guide to identify the problem ?

the image:- (check the HTTPS everewhere button, its pressed but the system freeze so nothing appeared from it)


btw all the system freezed except the pointer.

whonix workstation , timesync freezed. (just the timesync not the whole system).



it never moved , and the internet connection is working , whonix gateway is working well.

I think we talked past each other here. By “freeze” people are usually referring to that the system, here the VM, got totally unresponsive. I.e. that you cannot do any mouse movements, keyboard entry whatsoever.

The not moving, stale progress bar issue has been found (not yet fixed) and is being discussed here:

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