Whonix 10 guest additions question


Was just wondering why Virtualbox Guest additions is installed by default in Whonix 10 when it’s such a big security risk?

On importing the Whonix images into Virtualbox, clipboard sharing was enabled by default in Whonix Gateway while it wasn’t in Whonix Workstation. Moreover, I somehow cannot enable mouse pointer integration in Whonix Workstation, while in Whonix Gateway it is again enabled from beginning on? Is this intention or am I just doing something wrong?

Thank you! Regards!

Expected. Background info:

VirtualBox guest additions, see:

Whonix-Gateway clipboard sharing, see:

thank you for fast response!

thank you very much.
It may sound very trivial to many, but copy/paste on the gateway it’s a great addition.
Downloading now :slight_smile: