Whonix 10 Development News


Just to keep those of you interested in development posted…

Whonix APT Repository:

Updated developers and testers repository using Whonix git tag Now contains the work in progress packages, that will be used in Whonix 10. In other words, users of the testers or developers repository will already use packages for Whonix 10. Therefore now also contains the updated Whonix repository key as well as a fixed version of tb-updater.


Successfully created a builds using Whonix git tag using –testing-frozen-sources, i.e. jessie based. However, although untested, Whonix git tag should also work for full builds. There is still some issues to be sorted out (such as whonix-setup-wizard not installed by default yet; Tor startup not working yet upon first boot; and more… – we’ll sort them out in the existing threads).

Packaging related changes have been made to all packages:

– found a maintainable way to maintain an upstream changelog (by having a combined make command that updates the upstream changelog as well as bumping debian/changelog)

– added upstream changelog to packages

– lintian is now auto run again, so every developer will notice eventual newly introduced lintian warnings faster

– now using lintian with –pedantic

– thanks to the added upstream changelog, now down to zero lintian warnings now, even though now using –pedantic

Updated Whonix 10 Work in Progress Changelog, see: