Which tor port should monerod.conf use?

I am on qubes-whonix. I am setting up a dedicated monerod qube. In the monerod.conf file, what should I add in order explicitly tell monerod to use tor proxy:





You can use any custom port from documentation.

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Just tried the port 9153. It is listed in the whonix wiki page you linked:

On Whonix-Gateway there are already a lot custom socks ports prepared for use with custom installed applications [17]:

  • Without IsolateDestAddr and without IsolateDestPort: SocksPort 9153 to 9159

Then, I restarted monerod, however, it is unable to make peer connections. I reverted the port back to 9150 again, and it started again making peer connections and downloading the blockchain.

Other than that, doing nmap -sV -p- localhost inside my monerod-qube reveals only following tor-related ports:

9050/tcp  open  tor-socks    Tor SOCKS proxy
9051/tcp  open  tor-control?
9102/tcp  open  jetdirect?
9150/tcp  open  tor-socks    Tor SOCKS proxy
9151/tcp  open  unknown

so, no port 9153.

You need to use the IP address of the gateway.


yeah that worked.

So, here’s what I have. Replace ${sys-whonix-internal-ip} with whatever you have in your QubesOS system.


How did you install monerod?

I am asking, because the installation method will change on how to modify the monerod configuration file. At least when using flatpak, the use of torsocks or the modification of monerod configuration file might not be simple. It would be good if Whonix’s documentation on Monero stream isolation could be updated.


I installed monerod manually. Downloaded it from getmonero.org, verified its signatures, and extracted the tar.gz to my home directory.