Which one of the following phones provide better security/anonymity?

im searching for new phone that considered to be the highest respected phone for the privacy and security (i know there is no 100% but at least the highest one).

so i am confused between two phones atm; which they:-

1- Jolla phone with Sailfish OS

link:- https://sailfishos.org/

2- Blackphone with Silent OS

link:- https://www.silentcircle.com/

is anyone using one of these products or has a good knowledge about these phones ? if yes , can he review these products ?

useful detailed comparison links also useful.

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the Blackberry smart phones are by far the best, when it comes to security. Currently, I have three BBs in my household and thus know all the features these phones boast in areas like encryption, which go far beyond what other phones offer. I can especially recommend the Z10, as it is both durable and fast, but also unbelievably cheap at the time.

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well i dunno but did u read this for example:-


also i didnt hear that blackberry its aim to provide privacy security/anonymity to the users. like the both phones i have mentioned above. maybe im wrong not sure tho.

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well, BBs current primary goal is to offer the, in their eyes, best solutions for big company’s and governments, which is why they also keep a focus on security. Many (actually pretty much all) the security features, included in Silent OS, were in BB 10 a long time ago, except for maybe their encrypted VOIP, but for that, your partner needs a Blackphone or at least the necessary software plus fees, which also seems to run on BB.

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