Which image viewer to install by default?

Currently ristretto is installed by default.


  • small (few dependencies)
  • usable
  • GUI
  • confinement?
  • dbus free?

Selecting Secure Packages from packages.debian.org

Ristretto is simple enough, Feh being even more barebones, but I don’t think it will cut it for most people. All viewers use the same backend libs to render so are similar for security.



Can be fixed by:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install tumbler

That didn’t actually made thumbnails work for me, though. Perhaps reboot required.

Does that work for you (after reboot)?

Any reasons against installation of https://packages.debian.org/buster/tumbler by default?

im not sure why it didnt work with you immediately, i tested that in Qubes and vbox worked fine and pop-up off after installation of the package without reboot.


I dunno if something serious up there, Doesnt show that.

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Fixed in anon-meta-packages and kicksecure-meta-packages.

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