Which Editor is safe? Dear Whonix community

Dear dudes, I trust you so I am asking this unspecific to whonix question: which editor for coding? I know some editors like vs literally steal or could steal and give the data to respective authorities when SHIT HITS THE FAN

Take a look at emacs; there are numerous tutorials available for it too.

Alternatively, any free software editor that suits your preferences would work.

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Neovim may also be a great choice.

Looks rteally complicated. Is geany safe? U think all my code ib vs code is now compromised?

Geany any good?

Then you cant be developer, period.

You are joking right? I know many great devs who dont even know what vim or emacs is. BUt lets not drift from the issue.

nice, then ask them.

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That makes one of us lol