Where to use a VPN

I have downloaded and installed Whonix workstation and gateway as a virtual machine(VMWare). I followed all of the instructions to set it up and I am now more anonymous on the internet. But I am wondering if I use a VPN( and where I use it) will that give me more anonymity? Will I be more anonymous if I use a VPN on my host machine, on Whonix workstation, on Whonix gateway, or a combination of them. I know that the gateway does this for me. I’m just wondering if I add a VPN to any of these locations, what will that do?

VMware is discouraged. See:

I’ve tested for leaks and I haven’t found anything being leaked while I use the gateway. So VMware works for me. I know how to use VMware better than any other vm software, and it’s the only one I have a license for. Thank you for the link.

Other virtualizers do not require a license. (Yes, legal. Free software.) Learning them is really worth it.

What would you recommend?

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VirtualBox, KVM, Xen via Qubes.

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I’ll look into those. Thanks.