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Where to find this article in your documentation? "Other operational systems"

Hi. I see Whonix Documentaitons/Faq/Support/Advanced documentations.

whonix /wiki/Documentation

But when i try to find this article: whonix wiki Other_Operating_Systems

I can’t find it using whonix /wiki /Documentation

Can you please explain how to find it using whonix documentational sections?

I am using google in order to find this article. But if i want to move from whonix section where i can find it?

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Where to find this “Other operational system” article or menu?

Thank you.

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Patrick thank you but how to find it in the documentation? You sent me direct link thank you but if i want to find by myself? In which section this acrticle?

I have to buy premium support in order to find it throught documentation?

It’s linked here:

Also I recommend the wiki internal search function as well as any search engine should easily find this.

For wiki internal search, just start typing other and it will already find it.

For search engines, type other operating systems whonix and it will be found too.

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Thank you, Patrick!

Docs > Advanced Documentation > Whonix ™-specific Activities and Configurations > Article called " [Torify non-Whonix ™ Operating Systems via Whonix-Gateway ™]"

When i open this article "Torify non-Whonix ™ Operating Systems via Whonix-Gateway" - finally i see what i need - “Other operational systems” article, but in “Advanced documentation” it called "Torify non-Whonix ™ Operating Systems via Whonix-Gateway ™

It’s a bit confused me. Because when i clicked the link it changes their title to “Other operational system”.

i can’t upload the screenshot with better understanding what i mean forum doesn’t allow me but i hope you understood me.