Where to download *.ova for Win separately without installer?

Since you introduced the single Whonix installer file for Windows, there seems no way to download ova files for Gateway and Workstation separately as it was before.
In my Windows system the installer doesn’t work properly. I.e I start installation, Whonix installer sets up to a folder, creates its version of Virtualbox (or replaces the existing VBox). But when I try to launch “start whonix” after the installation is completed, nothing happens. By clocking “advanced” there runs VirtualBox with empty list of OS images.
I don’t see ova files in my Whonix folder, where I can download and verify them manually for WIndows?

HI Al_anonim

You can download the Gateway and Workstation images here:


As the VirtualBox images are the same for all operating systems the instructions on the page should work for you just fine.


you should be able to use the ova files for download here. Whonix ™ for Windows, macOS, Linux inside VirtualBox

use “For Linux and Mac, see below” section. the fact that you are not using linux or mac should not matter.


//cc @Ego