where is the xml placed?

When I type this command:
sudo virsh -c qemu:///system net-define Whonix_internal*.xml
where does virsh go and look for the xml? I mean where is it placed by default in case I need to edit the xml?

sudo virsh -c qemu:///system net-define /path/to/file

We assume the Whonix compressed tarball was placed in the users home directory when applying the steps. Says so on the wiki BTW.

It’s not really documented directly on the Whonix ™ for KVM page. But after running the virsh import command, there is

sudo virsh edit vm-name

Replace vm-name with Whonix-Gateway, Whonix-Workstation or whatever VM name.

sudo virsh list vms
and a lot more.

The files are stored somewhere in /etc but shouldn’t be edited directly and only with virsh edit, right?


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Yes I read it, but in my OS there is no /home.

@HulaHoop @Patrick
thx guys for support

Then you would change directory to wherever else it is placed at.

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When I use sudo virsh list - nothing appears. When attempt to issue the various cmds using virsh I get No such file or directory. I cannot find Whonix*.xml anywhere on the system. I used Archive Manager to unpack the .xz file, but I only see the .libvirt file but no xmls anywhere. I need help please.

Extracting files and locating files are basic Linux skills. These can be researched independently of Whonix. → Information Booster might be Available!
Otherwise if you wait for Whonix support to guide you, even a month from the support request creation date, you still don’t have a solution.

/etc/libvirt/qemu on Debian at least.

That only applies if an xml was already successfully imported using libvirt. The user’s issue here is different:

There user doesn’t know how to unpack the Whonix libvirt archive and how to locate the extracted xml files.

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@ejd438 please refer to out wiki documentation for KVM to install Whonix.

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