Where is the circuit button in Tor Browser?

After a new install of the Workstation (Whonix 13) and the latest Tor Browser (I took the standard version, 7.0.11), I cannot see the circuit view button anymore. It is very problematic, as I cannot force a new circuit without closing and relaunching Tor Browser. A lot of websites are now blocking exit tor nodes IPs and I am used to change the circuit to circumvent that. Relaunching Tor Broswer and loosing all my open tabs is very inconvenient. Without this feature, using Tor Browser on Whonix has become practically useless to me…

What has happened to the circuit view button? Standard Tor Browser (=non Whonix) still has it.

Is it a bug or on purpose? Or has it moved somewhere else and I just don’t see it?

Disabled in Whonix for security:

Tor Browser Advanced Topics

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I know Tor Browser in Whonix doesn’t have the circuit view option in its Tor Button - meaning it is impossible to see which circuit is used by Tor Browser - but we always had until very recently (maybe a month ago?) the possibility to “chose a new Tor circuit for this site” or “a new Identity”:


I don’t see the Tor Button anymore, was it disabled recently in Whonix? I remember still using it very recently. Now the only button I have is the No Script button:

You mean Tor Button (green onion) is AWOL?

No, that’s definitely abnormal and no Whonix change, since Tor Button is integral to proper Tor Browser functioning.

I see Tor Button in both standard and alpha Tor Browser versions in Whonix, including the New Identity and New Tor Circuit functions.

Might be a good idea to reinstall Tor Browser with Tor Browser Downloader, as something is majorly wrong.

If paranoid, just delete the Whonix-Workstation (App)VM and recreate a fresh one (or use your clean snapshot in Non-Qubes-Whonix).

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Thanks, yes, I meant the Tor Button. All right, I am reinstalling Tor Browser and will let you know. If it doesn’t work, I’ll try with a new install of a fresh worsktation.

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I reinstalled Tor Browser (7.0.11) and now I have the Tor Button available. It was definitely a bug…