when trying to install veracrypt: " root:could not open file '/etc/apt/sources.list' "

having the following error when trying to install veracrypt.
i checked content of etc/apt dir, there is sources.list.d,
I copied this file and named as sources.list but it didnt help.

root@host:/home/user# veracrypt-1.23-setup-console-x64
WARNING:root:could not open file ‘/etc/apt/sources.list’


WARNING:root:could not open file ‘/etc/apt/sources.list’

Not real issue. See below.

veracrypt-1.23-setup-console-x64: command not found

Real issue.
Most likely there is no such binary


in your $PATH

Maybe you meant



Meaning whatever instructions you followed are either not followed correctly to the dot or wrong.

This output comes from a a program named command-not-found which has an issue which is described here:

It has nothing to do with your issue. Your issue is that the path to veracrypt-1.23-setup-console-x64 is wrong.



would help to interact with veracrypt?

root@host:/home/user# dir
a.deb c.deb Downloads veracrypt-1.23-setup-console-x64
b.deb Desktop Pictures veracrypt-1.23-setup-gui-x64
root@host:/home/user# veracrypt-1.23-setup-console-x64
WARNING:root:could not open file ‘/etc/apt/sources.list’

veracrypt-1.23-setup-console-x64: command not found
root@host:/home/user# /home/user/veracrypt-1.23-setup-console-x64
bash: /home/user/veracrypt-1.23-setup-console-x64: Permission denied
root@host:/home/user# /home/user/veracrypt-1.23-setup-gui-x64
> bash: /home/user/veracrypt-1.23-setup-gui-x64: Permission denied

chmod +x /home/user/veracrypt-1.23-setup-gui-x64

Your issues aren’t Whonix specific. These are Linux beginners challenges. No need to wait for this forum. See:

sorry, you are right, Im beginner to linux.
But honestly, i spent hours reading your documentation, and always searched my questions on google and also in this site, but couldnt solve them.

Linux can be challenging indeed for beginners but it’s very much worth it in my opinion. Reasons to avoid Windows:

Backstory of usability issues of Linux and its unique advantages in the long term:

Bug Reports, Software Development and Feature Requests

The takeaway from Free Support for Whonix ™ here is:

Installing veracrypt on Whonix does not differ from installing veracrypt on Debian buster. Therefore resources to related to either one may be more helpful.