When/how to inform existing users of XML updates?

Thanks for the pull request:

This will be new in next release (Whonix 10).

 <timer name='hypervclock' present='no'/>

(Or whenever you are suggesting to update the xml.)

When/how will existing users be suggested to make this change? Let’s make a note on the KVM page to remember announcing that when time comes?

I’d prefer these changes made it in the next release point or stable doesn’t matter.

To inform users you could create a kvm dedicated section in the changelog and link to it in a whonix news bullet point.


Unless it’s a security issue a huge usability issue, I’d suggest next release. (Not point release.) But it’s up to you.

Whonix 10 DRAFT release blog post, public preview:

Whonix 10 DRAFT release blog post, blog writer edit link:

Unless it's a security issue a huge usability issue, I'd suggest next release. (Not point release.) But it's up to you.

I think with the hugepages settings debacle its better to get this out as soon as possible. Most users won’t be visiting the forums to find what went wrong, they’ll just think the KVM version is broken and move away.


I thought of an elegant solution but I don’t want to complicate things. What if whonicheck uses virt-what to determine what hypervisor its on and accordingly decides to show a new bulletin with the releavnt link to the changelog section - only for the hypervisor it is on?

I don’t think this happens often enough to justify the effort for developing this.

whonixcheck supports issuing news for specific build versions, though.

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