What's the secret to getting RetroShare working?

I wanted to try to get RetroShare 0.6.1 working to test out with a friend. Following the instructions Instant Messenger Chat I can easily install it, but getting it to connect is another issue altogether. It never gets DHT access even after leaving it running for days, so it appears I’m offline. Are there special settings that one has to make to the Whonix Gateway or Workstation to get this functioning?

You should take a look at the Retroshare wiki : GitHub - RetroShare/retroshare-tor-documentation: Documentation for Using RetroShare Over Tor , Home · RetroShare/RetroShare Wiki · GitHub
Onion Services - Whonix

The Retroshare instructions assume all communicating peers are running a similar setup with Tor. DHT connections to the larger network will be impossible because Tor does not support UDP.

To find other Tor users try sharing node keys on https://retroshare.rocks/