What's the best setup for browsing web with an IP from clearnet?

Hi, I want to be able to browse numerous services that ban TOR exit nodes and I am ready to give up some privacy, in fact the only thing I care about is that my real IP address never gets leaked. I don’t care too much about any other fingerprints I might or might not accidentally leave.
What’s the best/most convenient setup for that?
Whonix → VPN → internet? I’ve been trying to set it up but as a user who is not advanced it’s pretty difficult to set up.
What do you think about setups like Whonix → Windows VM → VPN → internet?
Basically as I said, I’m looking for something convenient as I believe that if I use Whonix at any point of the tunnel my real IP is already secured. So please recommend something. I hope I used the right subforum for my question.


In my opinion, you can install firefox in workstation, then rent a proxy for the crypt and use a proxy in firefox to visit sites that block TOR nodes