What will be the future hardware requirements for Kicksecure?

I’m going to be purchasing a new laptop soon, but I’m also interested in the Kicksecure project as a potential host OS for me in the future. There are a lot of development goals set for Kicksecure, and I’d imagine there would be certain hardware requirements for it, especially for things like full verified boot. When buying a new laptop, I’d want it to be as future proof as possible in regard to OS compatibility. So I’m hoping to find something that will be compatible with Win11, Qubes, and Kicksecure in the future. What sort of hardware requirements might Kicksecure have in the future?

Too early to say. For now no difficult to comply with hardware requirements are planned. Goal is to have easier hardware requirements than Qubes.

That’s fair enough. At the very least, do you think there might be any problems with using AMD as opposed to Intel? I know of course you can’t guarantee anything, I’m just wondering if anything about AMD already sticks out to you as a potential issue in the future.

Due to Intel’s less than ideal track record with hardware security, I don’t intent to invent a Intel-only Linux distribution.

amd64 means Intel and AMD, see Architecture Support (just now added). Therefore amd64-only perhaps.



At the moment, no issue foreseen at all. This is because both Intel and AMD are compatible with amd64 (see Architecture Support).