What to do if Gateway is corrupted and made dysfuctional after update

Not detracting from this project, just reporting a security event.

[Qubes R4.2 on System 76 Intel]

Spectrum Clock Attack

First of all, a very advanced spectrum attack was demonstrated where the clock can be made to skip sequence when there is no user initiated network connection to wifi or otherwise.

Strengthening Secure Updates

But more tenably, Whonix Gateway can be attacked via updates. All of a sudden after updating to the latest, no tor connections are successful even with bridges. But TAILS can connect successfully on the same access point. This is exactly why secure updating mechanisms need to be strenghtened and why stateless, immutable, and live modes limiting hostile writing should be developed further.

If clock is attacked, then probably updates over tor can be subverted and the Whonix Gateway was damaged this way.

Is there a way to fix this besides deleting the Gateway and seeing if it can be retrieved from Dom0 templates?

[This is an actual empirical phenomenon. No one educates the Responders, for instance, that VPNs are not criminal activity and what stream isolation is all about and tells them that they are just responders. They think the same idiocy for years. Nothing artificial about empirical intelligence. Post should not be censored. Free software is not expert-only use. Prove that my opponents are really “dominant.” They just say people are stupid for inquiring which means the forum itself is stupidity. Portland State University libraries was the likely vector for this attack.]

Does anyone have anything to add to these instructions factoring in the information I have provided?

I thought this issue went away with an update over an AP I own and should not be a network obstacle, but it did not. Dom0 wanted to update but would never finish the update whether over tor or custom VPN network qube. Then there was a message that there actually was no update available. I also updated F38 and Whonix, although successfully.

Attacker can control tor circuit build percentage and freeze it. Attacker can also turn off swdate.

TAILS htpdate and tor connection still work perfectly on attacker AP. But multiple APs are effected so maybe an ISP block … or whenever attacker gives sex bribes to police and claims victims are not intelligent.

Multiple Gateway instructions above worked. Victory! They trophy themselves for no victories.

But what does this mean? The first gateway was deanonymized so they could block it but a change or rotation in the new Gateway unblocked the obstacle?