What proxifier do you use on whonix?

Just installed whonix, now it’s about 3 hours i’m trying to find a good proxifier. I’ve tried privoxy and other styff that i quivlky discarded cause i need a user interface, not the command line…

Which one do you use?

All options are listed here:

To my knowledge, at time of writing, there are no GUI proxyfiers.

There is only torsocks [and uwt for stream isolation], proxychains[, proxy settings], and Transparent Proxying.

Sorry for noob questions but… how can i set my socks5 in proxy settings? I really dunno what to do… i’ve tried through proxychains modify proxychains.config… adding my socks5 data like this:

socks5 9050
socks5 XXipofproxyXXX (PORT) user password

then i set the torbrowser to go through 9050 and i launch proxychain torbrowser or something like that (can’t remember the exact command)
Than torbrowser starts like usual, i try to search something to test the connection but it just doesn’t start (loads a little bit the page then fails)

I beginning to became kind of desperate cause i really need this :frowning:
I’ve searched tutorials of all kinds whonix-related and not… but i really can’t find nothing that works.
hope you can help me!