What NetVM does whonix-ws-15 (templateVM) use to update?

Please tell me. When I launch whonix-ws-15 (templateVM) or whonix-gw-15 (templateVM) and I’m launching an update (through the terminal, or through the visual interface) what kind of NetVM will they use to update? In whonix-ws-15 and whonix-gw-15 in NetWM indicated ‘default (n/a)’. But the update is taking place, it means that something NetVM used there.


Mostly Qubes specific.

See also file, and internet search term:


Whonix specific part:

Thank for you answer.

  • qubes-updates-proxy (and its deprecated name: qubes-yum-proxy) - a service providing a proxy for templates - by default enabled in NetVMs (especially: sys-net)
  • updates-proxy-setup (and its deprecated name: yum-proxy-setup) - use a proxy provided by another VM (instead of downloading updates directly), enabled by default in all templates

I checked my Whonix template VMs and in the ‘services’ tab they only have ‘qubes-update-check’.
qubes-updates-proxy and updates-proxy-setup - not used.
These services shouldn’t be chosen? Does the templateVM update take place using a proxy and without activating services?

That is related to:


When installing Qubes-Whonix using Qubes installer and/or as documented with qubesctl (using Qubes salt) then configuration is golden and no user changes are required. Search term:

Qubes salt

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