What is the most annonymous linux build using a macbook pro?

What would be the most anonymous and stable linux build using a macbook pro? Not running a live version. Would it be multiple virtual boxes over virtual networks? Let me know pleaseeee!

Why do you assume that there are different images providing different qualities of anonymity?

It was stated incorrectly. I was referring to an entire install and overall system not the just os version.
Such as using a macbook with Virtual box whonix on it. Along with multiple networks with separate routers to direct traffic for different purposes. Exploration vs banking and so on.
I read somewhere that macbooks and virtual machines didnt play too nice.


Running macOS as host OS or open to any host OS?

macOS host:
Only VirtualBox available for download.

I don’t think the hardware influences any of the usual setup recommendations except for potential incompatible hardware.

I have a couple older macbook pros that are still pretty fast with i5, 16GB ram and 500 SSD’s that are able to dual via bootcamp win 10. I wanted to see if there was a solid solution to running linux as maybe a triple boot option while keeping the anonymity considering the user does so.

So far I have been seeing the hardware compatibility is the issue and I believe Kali is out. Ive haven’t researched anything further as of yet.

Looks like it would have to stay as a live boot option. Please let me know if there are better solutions.

PS: Macbook Prop late 2011 with Catalina and Win 10 Pro.

I have run debian on older macbook pros before.

Add an amd64 debian partition, install kicksecure, then whonix

You might have to fiddle with the broadcom wifi a bit but it works well once you sort that out

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Kali is basically just debian with a bunch of hacking tools. Nothing about kali is inherently more safe than kicksecure.

Just avoid canonical shit like ubuntu and forks of it

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