What is the current Whonix Version? /MiM known package attacks?

so I was reading this

Sandboxing Tor Browser
The sandboxed Tor Browser
cannot be used until Whonix 14 is released. In the meantime, consider
using Firejail as an interim sandboxing measure to restrict the Tor
Browser process.
Mitigating the risk of Tor Browser security breaches makes sense,
because it is an untrusted application with a huge attack surface; it
is frequently and successfully attacked in the wild.
Note: Consider cloning the Whonix-Workstation-TemplateVM prior to
installing Firejail. Firejail installs a host of dependencies and
users may not want these in the default template.

And started clicking around to look for what’s the most current version, but not easily finding it , could you please tell me ?

  1. Are there known MiM attacks during package downloads? If so rare, very rare, of ?

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The newest version of Firejail is 0.9.46, however, Debian’s repos currently only contain 0.9.40. Also, please regard this: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Dev/Firejail

MITM’s are a seperate thing all together only loosely (if at all) connected to your browser. They are soely a connection thing and are, thanks to Tor’s “onion design of encryption layers”, not really of concern as long as your connection goes through Tor and accesses a hidden service within the network. If the access is made to a “clearnet/non hidden service”, then the exit node can by the mere design of Tor listen in on your connection, if another encryption like proper TLS isn’t in use.

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If there were mitm attacks against downloads, we wouldn’t know, unless we learn it though some conviction or leak that gets widely publicized.

What is the current version of Whonix please thx

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Please regard this: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/About#Whonix_version

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Great Documentation @ Whonix , my compliments, sincerely, thx

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