what is the blinking onion mean?

Let me start off by saying I’m completely new to whonix and relatively new to Tor. I’m using whonix via qubes. Every time I start the browser in the anon-whonix appvm, it shows I am connected to tor(I check the exit node location just to be sure). For some reason the entire time I’m browsing, My browser has a flashing triangle/exclamation point showing over the onion icon in the top left corner of the browser next to the noscript icon. I’m also having trouble connecting to .onion addresses, though that may be to those addresses now being defunct. I appreciate any help you can give me and apologize if this question is a repeat.

I’m mainly concerned that this is some kind of warning or error message that I’m not really understanding.

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That means your version of the TBB is outdated. Please update it.

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