What is current state of VOIP calls over whonix? And other questions.

hello. I am no IT pro but do need a good understanding of how to make this work. So please have patiense with me.

I need to make anonymous voip call to others with regular phones. They do not know I am calling. I have my phone number ready. Am specifically concern with IP anonymity, which seem possible based on info in the wiki. Phone call conversation security preferred but secondary concern for now.

UDP still not is possible over Tor? Trying to understand limitations. I found this thread ( Is it safe to use VPN + TOR + VPN to make VOIP calls?) that talk about specifics about UDP vs TCP latency and using VPN + TOR + VPN workaround. Has this been tested and is advisable? Or do I just use the information link from VOIP wiki page “VPN Method” here whonix.org/wiki/Tunnel_UDP_over_Tor ? Or, is there a more updated method?

also, I remember info on linphone on the wiki, but now is gone. Is linphone not good?

thank you for dedication to safety and security :grinning:

Updated Tor#UDP just now.

Please see existing forums threads on linphone and post there.

There are no updates. If there are updates, these are usually added to the wiki.

If you search the wiki for VoIP you’ll find some discussions but I don’t think anything tangible.

For reference:

i’m moderately curious about how your procured the phone #. this is usually the failure point. while i haven’t checked in awhile, the services that existed that allowed for free outgoing VOIP calls with a personalized telephone number either closed or required payment, which is very traceable. so, even if you use a tor → openvpn connection to solve the udp over tcp issue, you may not be particularly anonymous.

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