What Course to go for?

I m a newbie & want to learn skills to do the following
I want to establish a hidden service through whonix, with following feature

  1. Get hidden services working for http and ssh & Bind hidden services to localhost
  2. Applying transparent proxying firewall rules for our operating system
  3. Setup similar to an anonymous middle box, preferably without public IPs where possible
  4. To identify any pre-compiled software that our users will touch and compile it ourself with hardening-wrapper or it’s equivalent, plus any custom flags for use
  5. To connect to our production box via a hidden service. For upgrading Tor - To have a script ready that drops our firewall rules and unbinds ssh from localhost just long enough for us to login, do the upgrade, re-apply the firewall rules and bind ssh to localhost again
  6. To transparently proxy the machine we use as well
  7. To automate the process of both setting up our hidden service and of destroying it. Proactively changing servers every few months (step by step guide for a novice to do it). Creation script should install everything our site needs as well as all configuration files. Our clean-up script needs to destroy all evidence, preferably with a tool like srm.
  8. An ever-changing list of relays or bridges, to add a few new ones at a pre-determined interval, and gradually let old ones go unpaid (step by step guide for a novice to do it)

My question is which course should i go for in order to educate myself & implement all the above.

  1. What i mean is for example if i want to learn designing websites than the course to go for is HTML/CSS
  2. If i want to learn Data management than SQL
  3. If i want to learn Applications than Ruby
    **So my question has 3 parts **
    a) Are steps 1-8 enough to run a secure hidden service securely as of now ? On scale of 1-10 how much will you rate the above steps in security? Please suggest what else could i include in it
    b) What be the course i should go for in order to do all the above like a pro
    c) Please suggest links directing me to sites offering that particular online course

Sounds like you need a support contract. Why not arrange this with Patrick?

I would love that, wish Patrcik help me with this

I am late with the answer, but it can be useful for other newbies.

you mentioned from 1 to 8 next things: ssh, localhost, ips, proxy, firewall, scripting, tor, relays and bridges,

for all of this, people study 4 years some IT university + minimum 2 years practical experience, but if you want to watch some course, you must watch IT courses related to: system and network administrators. maybe you will have to watch many courses one year, but again, it is shorter than 4 years university education. + you must practice. considering tor, tor is created by many developers, not only by one, so, again, you give your security to them. to be on the same level as they are, you will need 10 years education and practicing. then you will have your security in your hands.