What are risks of enabling WebRTC for Whonix users?

I was not able to find any info about WebRTC in the Documentation.

My understanding is that it can leak local IP addresses, so in our case: 10.152.152.x, 10.137.x.x, etc.

That can certainly damage anonymity because it will reveal that you are a Whonix user. Are there any other risks? If not, you will still remain at least pseudonymous as long as you are not connected directly to the internet?

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WebRTC is in fact no issue at all for a number of reasons.

First of all, it doesn’t work, when using the TBB, as the TBB is compiled without the necessary additions for WebRTC to begin with: [tor-talk] Please help evaluate WebRTC for Tor Browser safety That’s why, as long as you use the TBB, the issues which arrise, thanks to WebRTC are non existent.

Even if you would go so far as to use a different browser, which is absolutley not recommended, it wouldn’t be much of an issue, as Whonix per design, like you’ve mentioned, only shows the IP as 10.152.152.xx. This would, if you used a not recommended browser, like you’ve said, hint upon the fact that you use Whonix, though Whonix actually doesn’t activley hide that it’s used and is per default not really designed with this in mind.

So, in conclusion, stick to the TBB and you will be fine.

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