What about Nyx?

Hello guys,

Question about tor-arm. Why we are not using Nyx (next version of Tor-Arm)?
Arm since version 2.x is called Nyx and from that version few updates was made (changelog). Maybe it’s worth to replace arm with nyx.

Hi hoek

Nyx is not available in Debian stretch. (Whonix 14 is based on stretch)



Same project.

old name: tor-arm
new name: nyx

So migration will come sooner or later.

Thanks guys. I hope they add it soon.

Nyx 2.1.0-2 is available in buster, so can we finally get rid of this Arm crap in Whonix 15?


Arm’s presentation makes one feel like the Amiga 500 is playing up again due to the common screen corruption :slight_smile:

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nyx replaces in arm in Whonix 15 but don’t expect too much: just the project name changed, it still looks pretty much the same.

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